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Articles by Katie Dashiell

Why I Picked Denver And Why You Should Too

Authored by Katie Dashiell on

With its proximity to the Rockies and 300 days of sunshine a year, there’s no wonder so many people are flocking to Denver. Whether you’re coming on assignment or maybe looking to stay a little longer, there is plenty to do and see! Take it from someone who just moved to the area – I’ve already compiled a list of things I want to try in the Mile High City.

Nursing is a Wonderful Life

Authored by Katie Dashiell on

Often it’s difficult to notice the actions of those that touch our lives the most, especially during the hustle and bustle that happens during the holidays. While the rest of us are celebrating the season at home with family and friends, there are many nurses working hard to make this time of year brighter for patients in hospitals, health care facilities, and homes across the country. Unlike the premise of It’s A Wonderful Life, we do not need to imagine a world without nurses to see their great influence.

Benefits of Working in Home Health Care

Authored by Katie Dashiell on

For clinicians feeling exhausted by long shifts at the hospital and lacking substantial face time with patients and their families, home health care offers many benefits. Not only is it a rewarding career option for both nurses and therapists, but it is also an extremely in-demand field.

What a Recruiter Can Do for Healthcare Professionals

Authored by Katie Dashiell on

The job search can be exhausting. Long applications, delayed responses, and little guidance along the way can leave anyone feeling lost in the shuffle. With some of the busiest schedules, healthcare professionals can seriously benefit from some assistance through the process so they can get back to focusing on patient care.