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I am so thankful that school-nurses are thought about. Many in the profession of nursing do not view this job as a real "nursing" job. However, I beg to differ. Not only do your assessment skills need to be sharp, your collaboration skills, communication skills, and advocacy skills need to be as sharp as a whistle. In addition to being responsible for several schools and thousands of students and their parents/guardians on any given day, school nurses interact with other health professionals, administrators, and legal professionals on a daily basis. Our offices are often mobile, and traveling to various schools throughout the day can be mentally and physically draining. Come summer, a break is much needed and appreciated. I intend to do a little of all the suggested ideas for summer. Rest, relaxation, travel, CEU's and continuing in a doctoral program are all on my to-do list for the summer. Thanks again for thinking of us school nurses.... the children are our future and we care!