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Disrespect. They don't seem to be teaching respect for others in the classes now days, I was a nurses assistant then a certified nurses assistant for 15 years before going to school to become a LPN. I understand that the LPN is supposed to be on the way out but at this time we are still here, passing meds, doing dressing changes, taking off orders, doing IVs, feeding tubes, foleys and trying to give to our patients and employers with very little thanks, but when did it become ok for a nurses assistant to treat the nurse who they work under as an underling? Its bad enough that we are treated like that by RNs, DONs, and administrators but by the people who are supposed to be helping us care for our patients? I have been treated badly many places but I stayed because I had CNAs that knew the job, didn't take short cuts, didn't treat people like they were stupid or interfereing. Not so with the latest group of CNAs and I asked a large group of CNAs if they are taught that their direct supervisor is the nurse they work with, they said no they didn't know that. When did that change? I'm leaving my current position because of the attitude of the CNAs and the feeling I'm nothing to them and to the administrator.

I have experiencd alot of racism and little to no respect or teamwork from co workers. They only offer causian Nurses a chance to advance to a new position and pay them higher rates. NURSE to patient ratio is extremely high to the point of burn out ,stress and health issues. Poor management and leadership skills by Supervisors who make decision from a personal and not professional stand point. I Have worked with some awesome Nurses and We feel all alone.

Jul 5, 2017

Seasones Nurse Experience not valued or recognized. Nursing is a series of building blocks of experience. Typically all nurses start out on Med Surg to gain experience then explore other areas of nursing. Either they are trying to find a specialty or continue building upon the latest experience,but when years of experience seems non existent to employers amd agencies makes me wanna consider a career change. Demands of higher education doesnt make it better. School isnt an option for some. What happened to experience is the Best Teacher?..