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Here is another key to contribute to nursing job satisfaction, treat the nurse with respect and dignity! This applies to management and other nurses at the workplace. As a victim of lateral violence, then the vertical violence when I started writing the other nurse up, then the mobbing started. This was at a facility that had a no tolerance policy, yeah a no tolerance for the victims. One time I was giving a report for a patient going to the cath lab from the ED, the nurse receiving the report kept asking are you gay? Seriously? This patient can die in a minute and your only concern is if I am gay? How about the married male nurse that kept propositioning me. When he finally got the no and to leave me alone answer, he started pointing me out to patients, telling them my full name, and stated that I like to wear dresses at home. I reported him and was told that was acceptable work behavior! Seriously? I then reported the other sexual harassment and was surprised that they took action on that. Here are my suggestions, everyone put your big boy or girl pants on when you go to work, accept that you will not like everyone you work with and give them the respect they STILL deserve and don't go out of your way to make trouble for them, you want to have sex with a co-worker (that is unprofessional in my opinion) then ask them to go out for a drink or meal after work and proposition them there (work is for work), if they turn you down go back to the first suggestion and get over it, showing picture of your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband coming out of the shower/bed or any other stage of undress is rude and unprofessional - do that on you own time, stick up for a nurse that is being abused by another nurse, your time is coming sometime in the future. I have read that the nursing shortage is from lack of instructors. That may be true but a large contributor to the nursing shortage is nurses quitting due to abuse from their peers and management, and that also happens in our colleges. I have worked in different jobs and I have never seen or experienced the level of abuse, ridicule, contempt, games, and people just being mean (yes, I am being redundant to emphasize the point) that is ACCEPTED BEHAVIOR IN THE PROFESSION OF NURSING. You want job satisfaction and nursing to grow? Start with stopping all this garbage and firing those individuals that perpetrate it. Now, if you find this comment offensive, or how dare you talk about nursing that way, then you are part of the problem. Sweeping this issue under the rug or looking the other way will not make it go away, if fact it will only perpetuate it.