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Is it Time for a Nursing Career Change?

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So, you’ve been on the job for a couple of years or a couple dozen years now, and you think it is time to move on, but how do you know?  Nurse turnover has been a topic of discussion for several years as the healthcare industry continues to face increases in demand and staffing shortages.  Studies have been conducted to determine what cause nursing staff dissatisfaction and what leads them to leave their jobs.  Data shows that 33% of new nurses leave their first job within two years.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might consider changing jobs.

Keys to Nursing Job Satisfaction

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For many years now, the results from various annual surveys about which profession people trust the most; the nursing professional has come out at or near the top.  But just because they are the most trusted in the eyes of the public doesn’t mean they are all blindly satisfied with their current job.  In fact, a closer look at data from a recent survey of 3,400 registered nurses shows that while they are satisfied with their career choice to become an RN (Up to 96%), less (only 72%) are satisfied with their current job. Let’s examine why there is a discrepancy and what are the keys to job satisfaction for nurses.

Year of the Healthy Nurse: Nutrition

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As March is National Nutrition Month, it makes sense that the American Nurses Association (ANA) Year of the Healthy Nurse Campaign is focusing on Nutrition for March 2017.  A 2016 ANA health risk appraisal indicated that nursing students and RNs have an average Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27.6, putting them in the overweight range.  Also, 28% of survey respondents indicated that healthy food choices were not available during the work day and another 31% stated that their workplace did not offer nutrition and weight management classes.

March is National Nutrition Month

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With the clever slogan “Put Your Best Fork Forward” leading the way, March is once again being hailed as National Nutrition Month®.  Originally instituted as a week-long event in 1973, and a month-long event beginning in 1980, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reminds everyone of the benefits of healthy eating.  With an obesity epidemic still impacting Americans, now more than ever a campaign focusing on the importance of making informed food choices and improving physical activity habits is a timely occurrence.

Continuing Education for Nursing Professionals

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It is that dreaded time of year where we all have to take stock of our financial situation and prepare our taxes.  It is a task that ranks right at the top of the list for things we hate to do but have to do on an annual basis, think Colonoscopy.  However, this time of year can also be a reminder to take stock in our professional career.  As a nursing professional, it is a requirement of maintaining our license to participate in continuing education (CE).  Fortunately, CE is often easier and always much more fun than the dreaded Colonoscopy.

Year of the Healthy Nurse: Cardiovascular Health

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Since February is annually recognized as National Heart Month, it only makes sense that the American Nurses Association (ANA) ‘Year of the Healthy Nurse’ campaign highlights cardiovascular health this month.  Cardiovascular Disease is impacting almost 86 million Americans and is still considered the leading cause of death in the United States.

Licensing News: Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact

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In a continuing effort to promote a nurse’s ability to have mobility in providing care across state borders, in 2015, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) introduced the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC).  This “new” compact expands upon the original Nurse Licensure Compact allowing registered nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses to maintain a single multistate license and provide care in their home state and any of the other 25 NLC states.

Nursing Specialties: IV Nurse

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Since 1981, January 25th has been the day designated for recognizing the professionalism and accomplishments of the IV Nurse.  Referred to as an Infusion Nurse, these knowledgeable, dedicated healthcare professionals practice with the following skillset:

Maintain Your Work/Life Balance with Supplemental Health Care

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As a healthcare professional, having a job that allows you to maintain the proper balance between your work life and home life is critical to both you and your patients.  At Supplemental Health Care, we understand that, and our mission is to provide you with everything you need to be successful professionally and personally. 

2017 Declared Year of the Healthy Nurse

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The American Nurses Association (ANA) has declared that 2017 will be the Year of the Healthy Nurse.  Each month, the ANA will promote specific wellness issues that relate to nursing professionals and people in general. 

Take Your New Year’s Resolution to the Next Level

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Have you given up on making resolutions for the New Year because you are tired of the same old, same old?  Every year the resolutions seem to be the same; eat healthier or get more exercise, save more and spend less, blah, blah, blah!  This year, don’t give up on making a resolution, just make a better resolution.  Here are a few ideas to take your New Year’s resolution to the next level.

Five Quick Exercises You Can Do at Work

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If you are like millions of other Americans, you have set a New Year’s resolution to exercise more.  Making the resolution is the easy part, keeping the resolution, not so much.  As a busy healthcare professional, you are working crazy shifts at the hospital and finding time for the gym during the work week is not always easy.  Fortunately, the nature of your job is such that you probably spend a lot of time on your feet and walking throughout your shift, so Cardio work is probably not as critical as it is for desk dwellers.  But what about toning up a few muscle groups while you are working?  Read on, and you’ll see that it isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

Eight Crazy Things About Being a Nurse During the Holidays

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Once upon a time in 2002, an animated holiday musical called “Eight Crazy Nights” was released.  The movie, co-written by and starring Adam Sandler, took a humorous look at the gift-giving differences between Chanukah and Christmas.  One of the musical numbers in the film contained the lyric, “Instead of one day of presents; we get eight crazy nights!”  For nurses who work through the holiday season, eight crazy nights is putting it mildly.  Each year at this time, it seems that the chaos and craziness are turned up a notch making each eight-hour shift seem like twelve.  Here is a list of eight crazy things about being a nurse at the holidays.

12 Perks of Being a Healthcare Professional

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Since it is that time of year where we are firmly in the midst of the “12 Days of Christmas”, let’s examine another list of twelve.  We all have something to be thankful for, and your career as a healthcare professional is no doubt very rewarding.  We hope you enjoy our 12 Perks of Being a Healthcare Professional.

Holiday Gift Guide to Inspire Children to be Healthcare Professionals

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Does your child want to grow up to be just like Mommy or Daddy and work as a healthcare professional?  Would you like to inspire your child to work in a healthcare field?  If either of these statements rings true for you or someone you know, then this is the Christmas gift guide for you.  The following are great gift ideas meant to inspire children to become a healthcare professional (We’ve even included links to places where these awesome gifts can be found).

Nursing is a Wonderful Life

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Often it’s difficult to notice the actions of those that touch our lives the most, especially during the hustle and bustle that happens during the holidays. While the rest of us are celebrating the season at home with family and friends, there are many nurses working hard to make this time of year brighter for patients in hospitals, health care facilities, and homes across the country. Unlike the premise of It’s A Wonderful Life, we do not need to imagine a world without nurses to see their great influence.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

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Do you have a special nurse or therapist in your life?  At this time of year are you racking your brains trying to come up with the perfect holiday gift idea?  Rack no more for in the precious time-saving space below; we list the best gifts you can get for your favorite healthcare professional without breaking your bank.  Read on and then start shopping!

Ten Ways to Avoid Being a Scrooge When You Work on Christmas

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Does the thought of having to work a 12-hour shift on Christmas turn you into a Scrooge?  For many nurses and healthcare professionals around the country, missing out on old family traditions around the holidays brings on a bad case of “Scrooge-itis.”  Of course, you are already thankful that you have a good job, and it is one you love on the other 360+ days of the year, but just not on Christmas.

Twelve Ways Patients Give Back to Their Caregivers

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During this season of singing about twelve days of gifts from our true love, let’s explore “twelve ways” our patients give back to nurses, therapists, and caregivers.  Instead of partridges in a pear tree, turtle doves, or golden rings, we will focus on what you are getting in return for all of your hard work, compassion, and care.

It's Potluck Season!

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It’s potluck season! Which is great for getting a delicious meal at work but can wreak havoc on your diet. If you’ve signed up to bring a dish, bringing something on the healthier side of the scale can be a bit of a challenge. Many classic holiday recipes contain a lot of butter and other delicious high-calorie ingredients. These recipes are sure to be a hit with your coworkers and your beltline.