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Physical Therapists are the Face of Caring

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For 24 years, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has designated the month of October as National Physical Therapy Month, an annual opportunity to recognize the many talented and dedicated physical therapists across the country and to celebrate the benefits of physical therapy.

What to Do If You Have a Latex Allergy

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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that as many as 12% of healthcare workers are allergic to or have sensitivities to latex.  Nurses and others in a clinical setting with these allergies may have adverse reactions ranging from skin irritations to potential life-threatening events.  Even those without latex allergies initially are at risk of developing them with ongoing exposure to latex gloves and medical supplies containing latex.

10 Ways to Spot the Child of a Nurse

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Have you ever been to the park, the playground, or a birthday party and you find yourself trying to figure out the occupations of the parents of the kids who are running around and playing?  If you have ever found yourself in a gaggle of children, you can probably pick out the children who are being raised by a nurse.  Let’s take a look at a few things that are a dead giveaway!

Why Nurses Should Get the Flu Shot

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Don’t look now, but cold and flu season is just around the corner.  During the months of August and September, the private manufacturers of the annual influenza vaccine are shipping supplies out to thousands of locations around the country.  An important discussion crops up among healthcare workers every year at this time about whether or not to get the flu shot.  The most recent data shows that flu shot coverage for healthcare workers overall was around 64%, while over 89% of registered nurses elected to receive the immunization.  This year’s flu shot is designed to protect against three strains of flu virus, including the H1N1 virus, and while it is not infallible, when the flu vaccine formulation is close to the circulating flu viruses, the shot is over 70% effective.  According to the Mayo Clinic, the flu shot is the best defense against contracting seasonal influenza.

Healthy Aging for Healthcare Workers

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For the past two decades, the month of September has been recognized as Healthy Aging® Month to promote the positive aspects of growing older.  Aimed at adults, 45 years of age and older, Healthy Aging Month events are centered around inspiring people to takes steps to improve their physical, mental, social, and financial health.  While the nation turns its attention to the well-being of baby boomers, what can be said about the healthy aging of our healthcare workers?  More than one-third of today’s nursing workforce is over age fifty, so let’s take a look at ways our aging health care workers can take care of themselves as they grow older.

Tips for Reigniting Your Nursing Career

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Are you at a point in your nursing career where you feel like you are on a treadmill?  While you are still passionate about providing care to your patients, have you lost some of the passion that brought you to the profession in the first place?  If so, the good news is that you have chosen a profession that is full of options and opportunities.  Let’s take a look at ways that you can recharge and rejuvenate your nursing career.

Finding Your Zen Through Hiking

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If you are like me, getting your exercise by slogging away on your treadmill can get pretty boring after a while.  And while you enjoy the mental and physical benefits of your bi-weekly yoga class, you sometimes feel the need to change up the routine.  If that sounds like you, then you should hop in your car and find the nearest hiking trail.  Spending an afternoon on the trail provides you with the physical and aerobic benefits of your treadmill and the mental benefits of your favorite yoga class, all in one workout!  And the best part is that it is FREE!

Did You Know It’s Family Fun Month?

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Don’t get too excited, but your kid’s summer break is almost over, and they will be back to school in a few short weeks.  We know, you can hardly wait to get back to the normal routine!  Something you may not know is that August is Family Fun Month. Celebrated annually during the month of August, Family Fun Month is a way to focus on squeezing every last bit of family time in before the school bell rings.  All summer long, you have probably been planning and doing fun things with the kids and are probably out of ideas.  This is where we come in… Let’s take a look at some fun things to do during Family Fun Month.

Benefits of Working in a School Setting

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Since the late 1800’s, nurses have worked in school settings.  From the earliest days, their primary responsibility was inspecting and identifying students with communicable diseases, however, over the last century that role has changed dramatically.  Today, there are more than just nurses providing care in our nation’s schools.  In addition to the school nurse, services are also provided by Physical and Occupational Therapists, and Speech / Language Pathologists, among others. 

Best Ways To De-Stress: Kayaking

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As a healthcare professional, we know you are busy, busy, busy.  Working long shifts and odd hours can take its toll on you both physically and mentally.  An important fact to keep in mind is that it is just as important to take care of yourself as it is your family and your patients.  One of the best ways to de-stress is to hit the water.  I’m not talking about literally hitting the water like a speed bag, instead, think about gliding across the water.  The latest rage for outdoor lovers everywhere is kayaking and paddle boarding.  Any activity that gets you outside and onto a body of water will have amazing mental and physical health benefits.  Let’s take a quick look at how kayaking can help you de-stress and re-energize.

4 Ways for Nurses to Keep Their Feet Fresh

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Most Americans work a standard 8-hour shift, while nursing professionals typically work 10- to 12-hour shifts.  Twelve hours is a long time for someone who spends the majority of the time on their feet.  Long hours and a lot of walking certainly take a toll on a pair of body parts that are each made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, and 19 different muscles all held together by 100 ligaments. 

Do Yourself a Favor This EBDMW

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The month of July is filled with a series of national observance days ranging from the serious to silly to sublime.  The week of July 11th through July 16th is especially busy with observances for Blueberry Muffin Day, Pecan Pie Day, French Fry Day, I Love Horses Day, and even Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day on July 16th.  However, since 1995, this week in its entirety is designated as EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week (EBDMW)! 

4 Top Phone Interview Tips for Nurses

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The job market for nursing professionals continues to be as hot as our summer weather has been.  Recruiters and hiring managers have many open jobs available and are receiving an equally large number of applicants.  This trend has led to some changes to increase efficiency with the typical interview process.  Today, more often than not, the first wave of applicant interviews are conducted by phone. 

Top Networking Tips for Healthcare Professionals

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One very powerful way to advance your career, but is often overlooked, are the beneficial aspects of networking.  Even if you have the greatest job in the world and have no plans of seeking out new opportunities, it is always a good idea to spend time growing your network.  Cultivating your contacts and professional acquaintances does not take a large investment of time or energy and may pay dividends in the future.  Let’s look at the top networking tips for people in the healthcare profession.

How Do School-based Therapists and Nurses Spend Their Summer

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While some school systems around the country hold classes year-round, most conduct a September through mid-June curriculum.  For our school-based therapists and nurses, that leaves them with a decision to make each summer.  Many of them choose to take the summer months off to spend time with family or vacation.  For those that want to keep working over the summer, let’s take a look at ways that therapists and nurses fill their summer work schedule.

Easy to Cook Meals

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There never seems to be enough time for everything, so finding a way to save time with everyday activities can make a huge impact. We put together a list of delicious and quick meal suggestions for one person, two people, and whole families.

Resume Tips for Therapy Professionals

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As the job market for Physical, Occupational, and Speech-Language Therapists continue to boom, it is a great time to spend a few moments and update your resume.  For therapy professionals, the coming years will be filled with opportunities, but that is not to say that you can make that next career move without putting some time and effort into documenting your skills and experiences.

National Nurses Week 2016

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In 1990, the American Nurses Association (ANA) expanded the annual recognition of those in the Nursing profession, into a week-long event.  National Nurses Week 2016 is May 6th through May 12th. 

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

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For the past 75 years, the month of May has been filled with recognition, awareness events, and a big general thank you to those who work as Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP’s) and Audiologists.  Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is dedicated to the professionals whose career is spent preventing, identifying, and treating communication impairments