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The Heartbeat

Time Management Tips for Healthcare Professionals

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Effective time management can help reduce your personal stress and even guard against burn out on the job, particularly in healthcare environments where heavy workloads are a daily challenge. Take note of the following tips to help you better manage your time, organize your activities and maintain that all-important work-life balance to help you stay sane throughout the workday and beyond.

Stay a Step Ahead and Diversify Your Skillset

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Not only does diversifying skills make you more marketable, it also keeps your job fresh, fun, and exciting.  Studies show that through 2014 more than 19% of the wage and salaried jobs added to the economy will be in a healthcare related field. Check out our tips to prepare yourself.

Five Tips for Building a Solid Resume

Authored by Melissa (Missy) Blankenship on

Having a solid resume is key to your career success. It is usually the first piece of information an employer receives about you and making an outstanding first impression is imperative. With the right plan and appropriate details, you can create a shining resume that will help your application get the attention it deserves!