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In the market around Atlanta Georgia I was covered under the ACA and all of the major insurers basically dropped out to where we were relying specifically on one which is a government program that said it had all of these positions that you could call and be a part of butt there was no one anywhere near my area which is a suburb of Atlanta that any doctors were taking patients that used that insurance so basically if you did not have insurance through employment then finding ebony family doctor much less The Specialist was almost impossible especially anywhere near your home. I have sense then declared disabled and have Medicare and you have to be very careful who you pick as Your Part D Medicare or I had the same problem I was able to find a good insurance carrier for Part D Medicare and was able to use my own Physicians but with just the ACA using what they call PeachCare and then it had the name ambetter I was unable to find any Physicians that would take me as a patient because the ACA was so poorly administrated that the Physicians were not reimbursed on a timely manner and they didn't want to revert reimbursed at market value which of course is lower than what the actual bill is most insurers have deals with insurance companies and pay about $0.50 on the dollar where if you do not have health insurance they bill you for the entire amount this was a major problem and it has been a major problem from other people I know that use the ACA. Congress needs to get together and repeal ACA and then work on finding a replacement that will lower cost and also lower deductibles also we need competition over state lines so that people can find a plan that works for them there was basically a four-point plan in the ACA we need many more than four possibilities of plans so that it would fit every person's needs from youth to retirement. If something isn't done to repeal the ACA and repair or replace then we will have within a year or two so many problems that the Healthcare in the United States will be third world or less. Any kind of single-payer system will be even worse because I have been in the medical field myself and worked teaching and I taught in many different countries and the single-payer system in all of these countries were terrible if you think the VA in the United States is bad just compare it to what would be available in the United States on a single-payer system. The idea that a country the size of the United States could offer a one payer system and be successful is a terrible idea and that's coming from not only a patient's point of you but a hospital worker and also someone that teaches Medical training in numerous parts of the world including Canada Europe South America and Caribbean countries. The larger the amount of people on a single-payer plan the more Fraud and Abuse will happen with less patient care in the United States I would imagine patient care would drop buy Factor of over 80%. That information is coming from both a patient and a physician assistant.