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PT Compact Licensure Update

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Beginning in July of 2018, the process of traveling as a Physical Therapist is going to get a little bit easier if you are traveling between a group of 21 states.  In case you hadn’t heard the news, in July, the 21 states that have enacted the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact will begin issuing privileges.

Tips for Nurses Adapting to Technology

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Can you imagine providing patient care without having a stethoscope around your neck or in your pocket? I didn’t think so, but when the stethoscope was introduced in the early 1800’s clinicians rebuked it as being too invasive and against typical practices.

What It Takes to Be a School Nurse, Therapist or School Professional

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Like most jobs in the healthcare industry, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics project that job opportunities for school professionals, nurses and therapists are expected to be plentiful for the next ten years.  If you are looking to direct your teaching, psychology, counseling, nursing or therapy career toward the school setting, there are some things you need to know. 

Know Your Rights as a Nurse

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It was an incident that sent shockwaves through everyone in the medical community, the July 2017 physical arrest of a nurse in Utah.  To recap, an ER Nurse was ordered by a law enforcement officer to perform a blood draw on a car accident victim.  Rightfully, the nurse refused because no warrant was presented and she was protecting the rights of her patient.  She pulled out the policy manual, called her supervisor on speakerphone and proceeded to inform the officer that she was unable to comply until a warrant was presented.  Everything she did was according to procedure, but the officer forcibly arrested her anyway.

Five Things to Ask About Before Starting a New Travel Assignment

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Travel nurses have a variety of reasons for choosing this nomadic career path.  Many just love to travel and find travel nursing to be the best way to get paid for touring the country.  Others like the pay packages and having a greater say in when and where you are going to work.  And others enjoy the excitement of changing opportunities and learning new skills and techniques with each new assignment.  No matter what your individual reasons are for choosing travel nursing, there are certain questions you should ask before starting a new assignment.  Let’s take a look at what answers you should be looking for each time.

Travel Nursing with Family: Five Things to Consider

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Many working tourists use the summer months to turn their travel nursing assignment into an opportunity for the whole family to experience a new place.  Summer assignments with the family in tow can be a great vacation opportunity as long as you plan ahead.  Let’s look at five things to consider before you plan a travel assignment with your family.

Is Becoming A Nurse Manager Right for You?

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If you have been a Registered Nurse for a few years and feel as though it might be time to pursue the next step in your career, you might want to consider pursuing opportunities to become a Nurse Manager.  If you like the feeling of being in charge and co-workers naturally seek out your advice or counsel, you probably already have some of the skills necessary to take on a leadership position.

How to Acquire a Multi-State Nursing License

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With all of the legislative changes surrounding the eNLC thus far in 2018, we want to make sure to provide nursing professionals with the latest information as it becomes available.  According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), there are currently 29 states participating in the eNLC.

Tax Time for Travel Nurses 2018: Update

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By now, Travel Nurses and Therapists should be collecting their 2017 tax-related statements and organizing their papers in preparation for filing day, April 17, 2018.  We recently provided some basic information about preparing for tax season and felt it was time to revisit the subject to help you stay on track.

Five Tips to Reduce the Stress of a Job Search

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One old adage that really rings true is “The best time to search for a job is when you already have a job!”  Truer words were never spoken, but unfortunately, circumstances happen, and you may one day be forced to look for a job while unemployed.  Fortunately, as a nurse or other healthcare professional, your services are in pretty high demand so you may have more options than most job seekers.

Socializing as Stress Relief

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As the old adage goes, "Strangers are just friends waiting to happen." It can be difficult to leave friends and family behind for a 13-week travel nurse contract, but there is always an opportunity to meet new people who can help ease your loneliness. In fact, studies have shown that socializing can greatly improve your health and wellbeing.

The Benefits of Planning Time Off Between Assignments

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For many travel nurses and therapists, theirs is a career that constantly keeps them on the go.  From traveling to and from assignments, deciding when to extend and when to find someplace new, and making the most of discovering each new city along the way, the life of traveling healthcare professionals can get pretty hectic. 

Nurse Interview Primer

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Many people dread the interview process.  As a nurse, you may find that in addition to being a qualified healthcare professional, you also have to become proficient at handling interviews.  One piece of advice that is often thrown about when people are discussing interview tips is to ask questions.

How Soon to Start Planning Your Next Assignment

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One of the best things about being a travel nurse is the number of options you have available to you.  You have choices aplenty.  You can work a 13-week assignment and immediately head off to a new assignment.  You can choose to extend in your current location if that option is available to you. 

Taking the Worry Out of the Nurse Licensing Process

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You are at a point in your career where you are ready to check out why Travel Nursing has become such a hot nursing trend, but worrying about licensing issues has you afraid to make the move.  Worry no more, because getting a nursing license in another state doesn’t have to keep you from a great career move.