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Workforce Insights

A Reason to Give Thanks

Authored by Mary B. Lucas on

In every endeavor I undertake in life, whether in the workplace or at home, I commit myself to exhibiting a positive attitude.  I firmly believe that in everything we do, beginning with an “An Attitude of Gratitude” is key.

Year of the Healthy Nurse November: Mental Health and Wellness

Authored by Editor on

In our continuing support of the American Nursing Association (ANA) Year of the Healthy Nurse Campaign, we are covering this month’s theme “Mental Health and Wellness.”  With the days getting shorter and darker as the winter months barrel in on us, mental health and wellness take on added importance. 

Career Spotlight: Opportunities for Radiology Technologists

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Did you know that the x-ray was discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on November 8, 1895?  That special date serves as the cornerstone for National Radiologic Technology Week (NRTW), an annual event to recognize the important role that medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in modern healthcare settings. 

Physical Therapy Career Paths

Authored by Editor on

There are more than 210,000 Physical Therapists (PTs) practicing in the United States today, but by no means do they all have the same job.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PT jobs are expected to grow by more than 34% over the next decade. Let’s review the typical skills and practice settings for Physical Therapists and see if a career as a PT is the right fit for you.

The Benefits of Being a Nurse Mentor

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Did you know that in some areas up to 60% of new nurses leave their first position and some the nursing profession entirely within two years?  With concerns about nursing shortages already in the news, these statistics are doubly alarming for hospital administrators all over the country.

Healthy Aging® Month and You

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The month of September became known as Healthy Aging® Month over two decades ago, just as the baby boomer generation began turning fifty years old.  Today, there are more than 76 million boomers over the age of fifty, and many of them are working in the healthcare industry.  In fact, today's Registered Nurse averages over 45 years of age. 

Don’t Look Now, A New School Year is Right Around the Corner!

Authored by Editor on

For many school-based nursing and therapy professionals, summer is the time to catch up on continuing education and professional development.  In between carting the kids back and forth to ball games and practices, there might even be some time to put thought into refining your curriculum or schedule for the next school year.  Well, in case you haven’t been paying attention, we are rapidly closing in on the end of July meaning the new school year is right around the corner!  Deep breaths, no need for panic, there are still some weeks of summer to be enjoyed!

Advice for New Travel Nurses from our Travel Nurses

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Regular readers of the Working Tourist are probably familiar with the profiles that we do to highlight our travel nurses, therapists, and allied talent.  Upon deciding that it was time to put together content with advice for those considering or are new to travel nursing, we felt that there was no better source for information than those working tourists that we have profiled over the years.  Below is a collection of thoughts that we’ve gleaned from the profiles.

How School Nurses and Therapists Can Fill Their Summer

Authored by Editor on

As another school year draws to a close, school-based nurses and therapists have decisions to make about how they can fill their summer months.  For those who aren’t required to work year round, summer can be a great time to spend time with the kids and family, relax by the pool or take that backpacking trip that keeps getting put off.  Summer also presents a perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills, earn much needed CEU’s and even earn some extra cash for that big vacation you’ve been planning.  Let’s look at a few ways that school-based nurses and therapists can spend their summer.

Five Signs It’s Time to Have Your Hearing Checked

Authored by Editor on

Most people are surprised to find out that the third most common health problem in the United States is hearing loss.  According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), almost 48 million Americans have some form of diminished or hearing loss.  If you are a regular reader of this space, you already know that May is annually recognized as Better Hearing and Speech Month to raise awareness around how hearing loss can impact your quality of life and recognize the thousands of healthcare professionals who have chosen a career as an Audiologist, or Speech-Language Pathologist.

Nurses Need Balance Between Caring for Others and Self

Authored by Lesa Francis on

As National Nurses Week winds to a close on May 12th, this week’s theme of Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit should carry on throughout the year.  The American Nurses Association is recognizing the importance of promoting Nurse’s Health and Wellness Issues through their awareness campaign, “Year of the Healthy Nurse.”  We have been tracking each monthly health and wellness topic in this space, so please keep checking back for more information.

Current Trends in Nursing 2017

Authored by Editor on

Everyone in the healthcare field knows that the one constant in our profession is change! From changing legislation and regulations to changing technologies, each year we see new trends emerge.  Nursing professionals are typically exposed to the most change as they are navigating the front lines of patient care.  Let’s examine a few current trends that will impact nursing in 2017 and beyond.

Does Working the Night Shift Leave You Exhausted?

Authored by Editor on

If you’ve never worked the night shift, you really have no idea the physical and mental toll that it takes on your body.  Many travel nurses prefer to work the night shift or don’t have an option when it is a highly desired destination.  If you are new to working the night shift or are having trouble adjusting, let’s talk about some of the things you can do to help your body adjust.

5 Tips for Dealing with a Really Bad Day at Work

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We have all had them.  They are sneaky and persistent like those dark clouds that show up right before the nice backyard barbecue you had planned.  That is right; I am talking about the really bad day at work that crops up out of nowhere and zaps your positivity for a few days.

What Happens Back Home

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No matter how long you have been a travel nurse, the excitement and anticipation of starting a new assignment never changes.  Along with that adrenaline rush of the adventure ahead, there is also the important business of taking care of the home life you are leaving behind for 13-weeks.  Fortunately, with experience comes routine, and you figure out what works for your situation.  If you are still learning the ropes of travel nursing, we’ve compiled a few things for you to start thinking about ahead of time.

School Staffing Team in Championship Form

Authored by Keiley Giboney on

For the past several weeks, sports enthusiasts everywhere have been glued to the Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Basketball Tournaments.  This coming weekend, tens of millions will be glued to their televisions to watch the Final Four as the teams battle it out to see who will play for the championship on Monday, April 3rd.  As we watch these teams demonstrate their skills, commitment, and hard work it is important to keep in mind that they didn’t just start preparing for the tournament a few weeks ago.  In reality, their preparation started months ago, before the season even started.  That preparation and planning is exactly what Supplemental Health Care’s School Division is working towards right now in preparation for the 2017-2018 school year.

Is Home Health Care Right For You?

Authored by Editor on

In this space, we have recently touched on career-focused topics such as nursing job satisfaction and how to know if it is time for a nursing career change.  If seeing the flowers ready to bloom anew and feeling the renewal of springtime has you ready for a change, maybe it’s time to consider Home Health Care as a career option.  While the home health care market is booming, it isn’t for everybody.  Let’s take a look at whether a move to become a home health care provider is the right choice for you.

Is it Time for a Nursing Career Change?

Authored by Editor on

So, you’ve been on the job for a couple of years or a couple dozen years now, and you think it is time to move on, but how do you know?  Nurse turnover has been a topic of discussion for several years as the healthcare industry continues to face increases in demand and staffing shortages.  Studies have been conducted to determine what cause nursing staff dissatisfaction and what leads them to leave their jobs.  Data shows that 33% of new nurses leave their first job within two years.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might consider changing jobs.