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Important Factors in Choosing a Travel Hospital

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Sometimes travel nurses get so hung up on finding the perfect destination for a travel assignment that they overlook another very important consideration, the actual hospital or facility for the assignment.  While the destination overall is what draws people to an assignment, you also want to make sure that you are working in a facility that is welcoming and fits you personally. 

Working Tourist: A Lifetime of Service

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Jay Stine is not your ordinary travel nurse, in fact, once you get to know him you realize there is nothing ordinary about him at all.  After spending 22 years as a Maryland State Trooper, and several of those years as part of the security detail for a member of the famous Kennedy family, Jay decided that he still wanted to do something meaningful once he retired from his career in law enforcement.

Best U.S. Cities for Foodies

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Let’s face it if you are going to be spending 13 weeks in a city while on a travel nursing or therapist assignment, you may as well choose a locale where you are going to eat well.  If you like to consider yourself an amateur foodie, then this is the list for you when trying to decide on a travel assignment destination where food is one of the main attractions.  Here are some of the best U.S. cities for foodies.

Plan Your Next Assignment in Historic Birmingham

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In addition to the southern hospitality and great fall weather, today’s city of Birmingham is rife with history, great eateries, shopping, and more.  Let’s look at some of the many reasons why a travel assignment in Birmingham will be 13-weeks you’ll never forget.

Travel Assignments: Never A One-Size Fits All

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When healthcare professionals hear about the opportunities available for travel nurses and therapists, many worry that the contract length will be too long or that the opportunities are all the same.  Maybe at one time when travel healthcare staffing was in its infancy, but that is not the case any longer.  More than ever before, travel nurses and therapists are using travel contracts to bolster their career and gain invaluable experience as they improve their craft.  Let’s take a look at travel contracts in today’s world.

Top Travel Assignment Cities for Music Lovers

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Now that you’re planning your next travel assignment, you may want to consider finding an assignment in one of the many great American cities for live music.  No matter what your musical tastes are, there are cities across the land where you can find music venues that are pumping out the jams seven days a week.  Let’s explore five top cities for music lovers.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Motor City

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So you are planning your next travel assignment and jotting down travel destinations that come to mind first, California, Hawaii, the Carolinas, or the Pacific Northwest.  All wonderful places, to be sure, but if you broaden your thinking, you might just find a place that is both surprising and amazing at the same time. 

Why I Picked Denver And Why You Should Too

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With its proximity to the Rockies and 300 days of sunshine a year, there’s no wonder so many people are flocking to Denver. Whether you’re coming on assignment or maybe looking to stay a little longer, there is plenty to do and see! Take it from someone who just moved to the area – I’ve already compiled a list of things I want to try in the Mile High City.

Working Tourist: Swimming With Sharks

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Gretchen Harrison has been a travel nurse for close to a year and now wonders why she didn’t get started sooner.  As a Med/Surg & Telemetry RN, Gretchen was growing increasingly frustrated with the challenges she faced when trying to request time off from her job in the hospital.  Eventually, she decided she was going to travel one way or another and what better way than to get paid for doing it.

Advice for New Travel Nurses from our Travel Nurses

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Regular readers of the Working Tourist are probably familiar with the profiles that we do to highlight our travel nurses, therapists, and allied talent.  Upon deciding that it was time to put together content with advice for those considering or are new to travel nursing, we felt that there was no better source for information than those working tourists that we have profiled over the years.  Below is a collection of thoughts that we’ve gleaned from the profiles.

Alternative Housing Option for Travelers: Cabins

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When you first begin to think about housing options for your travel assignment, things like employer-provided housing, extended stay hotels, Airbnb, and even Craigslist come to mind.  But depending on your personal tastes, there is another attractive option to consider, cabins!

Working Tourist: Starting Out Close to Home

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Loren Stitt is on her first travel assignment and chose a location that is close to her hometown of Buffalo, New York.  She took an assignment near Rochester New York.  Loren’s specialty is Emergency Nursing and she originally became interested in travel nursing so she could gain experience by learning how different facilities operate.

It’s Time for an Assignment in Kansas City

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When travel nurses and therapists put together their bucket list of great destinations to visit on a travel assignment, it’s a safe bet that Kansa City isn’t at or even near the top of the list.  It isn’t surprising that this Midwestern gem flies under the radar, but it is time to consider Kansas City for your next assignment.  In addition to a plethora of opportunities, Kansas City is annually ranked as one of the most stress-free cities, and they have amazing barbecue!  Let’s look at why you should grab an assignment in Kansas City right now.

Travel Assignment in Tampa? Beaches Yes, but Much More

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It is pretty obvious that when you book your travel assignment in Tampa Florida that you have fun in the sun on your mind.  I mean, who wouldn’t with the warm blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico just a short drive away?  But once you arrive in your Sunshine State destination, don’t be surprised if you find that there is more to do in Tampa than spending your downtime checking out the beaches in Clearwater, St. Pete’s, and others on the Gulf Coast (Although, that is fun too!).  Let’s take a look at a few of the top things to do in Tampa that doesn't include a beach towel.

Time for a Travel Assignment in Tinseltown

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The City of Angels, aka Tinseltown, aka La-La Land, or simply L.A., there are few cities known by more nicknames than So Cal’s own Los Angeles.  There are many great travel destinations in California, but one that is sometimes overlooked as a travel assignment location is Los Angeles.  Once you have decided it is time for a 13-week assignment in Southern California, your only worry will be trying to fit in all of the incredible sights and experiences in our nation’s second-largest city.