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The Working Tourist

New Job Resource – Available Now!

Authored by Sue Hoch on

In addition to our Job Alerts and robust Job Search on the Supplemental Health Care website, we are now proudly offering you another way to stay connected to the best jobs available throughout the country.

Paid Vacation in Florida?

Authored by Sue Hoch on

This summer, opportunities in the Sunshine State are as plentiful as the orange groves.  Vacationers from all over the world pay to visit places like Jacksonville,Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Port Charlotte, Delray Beach, and Key West, yet you are only a phone call away from getting paid to visit these hot spots. 

It’s Allergy Season and Arizona is Nothing to Sneeze At!

Authored by Sue Hoch on

Act now to reacquaint yourself with clear blue skies and sunshine by clicking on any of the opportunities that are available throughout the entire state for all specialties;  ICU, L&D, Med/Surg,ER, OR, PACU, Tele, etc.  Contact your recruiter today and you too will find that Arizona has far more to offer than just sightseeing at the Grand Canyon.

Boston, MA Jobs!

Authored by Sue Hoch on

Consistently voted one of the top destination cities in the world, Boston is known for its historical significance, world-class restaurants, top shopping and designer retailers, and leading sports teams…including the World Champion Boston Red Sox!

Traveler Spotlight – William Brawley

Authored by Sue Hoch on

After spending more than 20 years as a Psychiatric Nurse in Florida, Bill Brawley decided it was time to get out and see other parts of the country.  With his children grown, travel nursing was his ticket to accomplish that while still working at his career.

Map It Out!

Authored by Sue Hoch on

You will never believe how easy it is to earn an extra 5,000 Our Rewards points just by “Mapping Out Your Next Assignment”!