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The Working Tourist

30 Years of Caring

Authored by Sue Hoch on

It seems like yesterday that our quest to become a leading provider of staffing solutions for the ultra-competitive, ever-changing healthcare landscape began.  Thirty years later, the Supplemental Health Care brand has evolved from representing an organization that provides basic staffing support to a national, corporate, entity leveraging complex workforce solutions, human resources, and staffing skills.

Working with your Recruiter

Authored by Sue Hoch on

As a traveler, one of the most, if not THE most significant relationship throughout your career with Supplemental Health Care, is the one you have with your recruiter.

On The Road Again…

Authored by Sue Hoch on

Whether you’re a seasoned healthcare traveler or just starting out, there is no better way to see America than by taking a road trip.  However, as any traveler knows, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for the challenges of life on the road before leaving home.

Join Our Facebook Community!

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We’ve provided you with a selection of awesome features to help you connect with our community members, keep up with our latest news and events, and even find your next job! Visit us today to:

Travel Destination: New Jersey

Authored by Sue Hoch on

Like our country, New Jersey is an amazing melting pot. Its savory ingredients include sandy shores, major metropolitans, thousands of acres of parkland, sports, arts and more.

Travel Essentials

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We’ve compiled some useful articles to help you out on the road. Simply click the links below to access handy tips, valuable tools and interesting factoids related to travel nursing. Enjoy!