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The Working Tourist

Travel Destination: Houston Texas

Authored by Sue Hoch on

When you visit this hot town with urban chic and Southern charm, you’ll be saying “Houston, we DON’T have a problem.” Check out “Hot Jobs” or call your recruiter to ask about current opportunities in Houston, Texas.

A Special Thank You

Authored by Sue Hoch on

Thank you for your inspiring commitment and reminding us why patients should always remain at the center of healthcare. We are proud to have you on our Supplemental Health Care team!

Look Out! Burnout Might Be Just Ahead. Here’s How to Steer Clear.

Authored by Sue Hoch on

Let’s face it. Hard-working Americans, no matter how hard they try, find it challenging to avoid burnout. Healthcare travelers may be especially vulnerable due to long shifts, physical demands of the job, stress, and the challenges associated with being on the road. Here are just a few routes to help you avoid a crash.

Nurse Profile: Meg Ibeto

Authored by Sue Hoch on

Meg’s advice to fellow travelers and those considering the occupation: “Make sure you know your stuff really well. You may get thrown in and be expected to hit the ground running, so having a high skill level is critical.